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Stop and Think – Are you on the Right Path?

John Bowden of ATEC Engineering is the last but by no means the least to share his experience of public speaking at the Manufacturers’ Alliance Annual Conference and hopes for one outcome more than anything else – to help others find their ‘Why’

Here we ask John a few questions to understand his journey and purpose a little better…

  1. How was the experience of speaking at the conference for you?

I really enjoyed the preparation work we did together, ahead of the conference, and I thought it built a real team feeling amongst all the speakers on the day. In terms of the day itself, whilst it is always a little nerve racking to speak publicly, I felt the tone set by both Juliette and Gary, made the experience feel less pressured and allowed me to be myself, warts, and all!


  1. What were the highs and lows of the journey in preparing to speak?

Highs were definitely spending time with Gary, Kate, Alex and Kerry! It was fun foremost, but I also felt inspired after both sessions we held – I hold all these people in high regard and consider them all inspiring for different reasons and so it was just a privilege to spend the time. I am not sure I would class them as low’s but perhaps a little uncomfortable speaking openly with the other speakers as I only knew them a little, but I do feel we put each other at ease.


  1. What do you hope people took away from listening to you?

I really hope it made people stop and think if they were on the right path, if they enjoyed and felt fulfilled in what they are currently doing and hopefully prompted some people to start the journey of finding / identifying their “why”. Given my own why of helping people, if it allows some of the audience to find their own purpose and to feel fulfilled in what they are doing, that would be a fabulous result.

Tell us did John spark a thought on your existence? The reason you get out of bed everyday? Were you inspired by his courage to stand on stage?

We will be hosting an online workshop to help you explore your ‘Why’ with the power of purpose!

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