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The Power of Purpose – A Workshop with Gary Sheader

Date: 29/06/2022
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Location: Virtual Zoom Meeting

Gary Sheader

The Power of Purpose

Gary Sheader is the Founder & Managing Director of the Manufacturers’ Alliance and will be delivering a ‘find your why’ workshop to help people create a motivational and inspiring purpose statement for their business.

Vision, mission, & purpose can often get mixed up and misunderstood. This session will help to demystify the jargon & move you towards an inspiring cause.

Gary has first-hand experience of creating a cause and aligning a team behind it with the Manufacturers’ Alliance and has also facilitated the creation of purpose and values alignment in small and medium-size manufacturing organisations.

Gary Sheader

This event is exclusive to manufacturers in the North of the UK, Wales and West Yorkshire, if you would like to join us please complete the form below and the joining instructions will be sent to you.