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Benefit from the unrivalled levels of strategic insight and manufacturing experience in our business support team. We invite you for a no obligation chat to discover if we are a fit for each other.

hands-on support

  • Leadership Support
    Hands-on support to develop your management team and business culture.

    We will facilitate the growth of your management team and help you to resolve team dynamics and people challenges. Your team will develop new knowledge and skills that will transform employee engagement across your business and drive higher levels of individual and organisational performance. Having someone that is external and independent involved with your in-house team for a period of time will bring in best practice and enable you to take part in facilitated sessions as an equal.

    "It’s impossible not to improve in a safe space with like-minded people."


    Director, RJW Engineering
  • Business Growth Support
    Hands-on support to uncover strategic insights and build a robust growth plan.

    We will facilitate the development of a business growth strategy that is aligned to your business objectives and support you in its deployment across your organisation. You will see immediate benefits and gain comfort in knowing that you have a ‘road map’ for you and your team to focus on. Having an experienced strategic facilitator involved with your business for a period of time will ensure you develop a plan based on intelligence and insight and not on your own opinions and assumptions.

    "It’s made me a better leader with better direction and better results. The key is the accountability that the MA provides."


    MD, Unette Group
  • Operational Excellence Support
    Hands-on support to transform your operational efficiency and effectiveness.

    We will support you in benchmarking your organisation against similar manufacturing businesses and help you to focus on those areas that will deliver the highest strategic impact. We will get your team fired up and motivated to close gaps and achieve results. Our expert team has delivered ‘operational excellence’ across a wide range of manufacturing sectors and we will ensure that our knowledge and skills are aligned with your business needs.

    "Joining the MA is THE most valuable thing I’ve ever done."


    MD, Packaging Automation
  • Learning & Development Support
    Hands-on support to uncover your skills needs and develop a learning culture.

    We will assess the skills gaps within your organisation and help you to build a framework to develop your people and culture towards a continuous learning culture. We will work together at a pace that works best for you, using an approach that fits best with your current culture.

    Having an organisational psychologist look at your business from a behavioural perspective will lead to breakthroughs for individuals and for your overall organisational culture.

    "You feel you’re a part of something where everyone cares about your business."


    MB, Banana Moon

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