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Law, Recruitment & Finance Taken care of with Carefully Selected Sponsors of the Manufacturers’ Alliance Annual Conference.

The Manufacturers’ Alliance is banking on breakthroughs with support from sponsors and proudly announces sponsorship from Lloyds Bank alongside both Irwin Mitchell Solicitors and Handley James Recruitment.

The carefully selected and invited businesses create a turnkey of manufacturing solutions covering finance, law and recruitment ensuring they provide the highest value experience to their members and guests on the day.

Lloyds Bank provides a plethora of useful services from guides on starting up to exporting internationally and the latest insights from a range of contributors and sources and guarantee you’ll find a wealth of practical guidance for UK business of all shapes and sizes.

Irwin Mitchell has a commitment to UK manufacturers that goes beyond providing expert legal advice – they bring deep market insight to the table and work with businesses to develop and fulfil their strategic goals in a time of uncertain markets.

Having started in manufacturing and engineering recruitment, the founders of Handley James see manufacturing as where they have built their foundation. The manufacturing sector is interesting, evolving and is always looking for a “better way” of doing things. It is for that reason they have evolved their processes to mirror that of the manufacturing sector.

You can meet, consult with, and build relationships with the people from all three of our sponsorship partners on the day.

The event is exclusive to members of the Manufacturers Alliance Community and members of Make UK. Registration is essential to gain access on the day.