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What to expect from your 360-Leadership Profiling Review

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, therefore, is not an act,
but a habit.

– Aristotle


We are all creatures of habit. Our daily routines often run on autopilot as we navigate through tasks and responsibilities.

Some habits propel us towards our goals, while others may hinder our performance. The key is discerning between the two – leveraging strengths and addressing areas that hold us back.

We talked in this article about the importance of self-awareness as a leader. Our 360-Leadership Profiling Review is designed to illuminate your strengths as a leader and identify potential development areas, empowering you to enhance your overall performance and leadership potential.

Those who derive the greatest value from the review are able to embrace feedback, recognise positive acknowledgment, and actively working on areas that impede their growth as leaders.

In this article, we share what to expect from the 360-Leadership Profiling Review and how it will help to set you and your business apart.


Learn the tools and approaches that will work best for you and your personality

The 360-Leadership Review is a powerful tool that serves as a guide for self-discovery and improvement, offering insights into your leadership strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s how it works and what to expect from the process:

1. Compare feedback to self-perception: Find out your leadership habit ranking. 

Leadership skills development

Recognising your key strengths is crucial for leadership success. Our ability to perceive these strengths accurately is vital, yet it’s a nuanced process.

Most individuals believe they know their strengths, but more often than not, they are mistaken. Moreover, people tend to be more aware of their weaknesses, and yet, building performance solely on weaknesses is impractical.

The Leadership-360 Review addresses this by collating your self-perception and feedback surveys, providing you with a Leadership Habit Ranking. You’ll get a ranking that showcases your strengths, ordered from the highest to the lowest, offering a clear picture of your current performance level on a scale 0 – 10.


2. Understand consistency in team perception:

360 feedback team ranking

Team members will always hold diverse opinions. We take into consideration the feedback range. This unveils the alignment or divergence in feedback perceptions. A low difference between low and high scores would suggest that the team is in alignment with their feedback. Conversely, large differences between high and low scores would indicate that different team members have distinct perceptions.

This distinction is valuable as it recognises that not everyone shares the same opinion. Understanding these variations helps focus on areas for improvement and highlights the diverse perspectives within the team.


3. Explore your leadership profile:

Your Leadership Profile is a comprehensive reflection derived from the collation of ranking and scores obtained from your self-perception and feedback surveys. Our 12 Excellent Manufacturing Leadership Habits are grouped into four character categories, providing you with a detailed understanding of your leadership style:

  • Visionary & Strategist:
    • A customer-focused leader with in-depth market knowledge, adept at positioning the business strategically for significant differentiation. Inspires the team, motivates change, and is viewed positively as someone always ready for a challenge.
  • Results Driver:
    • A decisive decision-maker with effective organisational and planning skills. Maintains unwavering focus on tasks, ensuring the delivery of results. Adapts to challenges, faces fears, and prioritises critical aspects for success.
  • Coaching & Learning:
    • Exhibits high self-awareness and a continuous learning mindset. Comfortable with feedback, this leader sees it as the foundation for learning. Proficient in coaching individuals and teams through problems, facilitating solutions, and recognizing potential in people.
  • Relationship Builder:
    • People-centric and adept at understanding individuals. A fantastic communicator who achieves great results through effective team involvement in decision-making. Balances between achieving results and fostering a positive, enjoyable team environment.

The Leadership-360 Review guides you on this journey of self-awareness and improvement, helping you understand and refine your leadership style for enduring success.


Want to be a better leader? 

Learn leadership tools and approaches that will work best for you and your personality.

Here are two ways to utilise the tools, techniques, and networks offered by the Manufacturers’ Alliance:

1. Request a 360-Leadership Development Review: You’ll assess your skills gaps, gain honest and candid feedback from your team, and develop your leadership skills at pace.

2. Try your local peer group: Prepare to gain honest and candid feedback from experienced facilitators and like-minded peers, develop new conflict management knowledge and skills for life, and be challenged to solve complex problems.