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Opening Doors for Future Makers

Manufacturers are opening the doors to their factories and sites and inviting you in for a behind-the-scenes look at how their facilities work.

This is why…

Dale Brimelow, Operations Director at Manchester-based packaging manufacturer and consultancy Duo UK, said:

“National Manufacturing Day is a brilliant initiative for the sector. We wanted to get involved as it gives us an opportunity to create awareness in our local community and wider region, showcasing the diverse range of job and career opportunities available for people in packaging manufacturing, so they can see for themselves what the work environment is like.”

“It’s a hugely exciting time for our business and we want to show people why plastic is a valuable commodity that delivers a whole range of environmental benefits when it’s handled correctly. We’ve successfully built a circular business model and put measures into place to reduce waste and keep materials in the economy to produce high quality packaging products for clients around the world.”

“This is a chance for us to open our doors and show people what we do at Duo.”

“We’re a proud British manufacturer that’s been in business for over 34 years.”

“We’re always looking to meet passionate people that share our love of manufacturing innovation to creative positive packaging products.”

Darrell Hesse, Director of Manufacturing explains:

Husco is a global manufacturer that makes products for leading automotive and off-highway companies.

Think Caterpillar, JCB, John Deere or Ford, Volkswagen, and General Motors, they all use thousands or even millions of Husco products every year.

From the iconic JCB 3CX to most Ford petrol engines produced around the world – Husco uses its unique technology to improve the control performance of machines and vehicles alike.

In the UK we manufacture hydraulic products for the Off-Highway market, we want to open our doors to show the public how some of these products are made and shed a bit of light on the vital role that these components play across the world.

Mark Chester, Product Development Specialist at the Manchester Metropolitan University:

“PrintCity is a 3D additive and digital manufacturing centre based in Manchester, a city with a rich industrial legacy and one of the UK’s biggest technology hubs. We’re home to manufacturing experts, designers, engineers and students on our MSc Digital Design and Manufacturing course. We collaborate with businesses, big or small, to make even the most ambitious ideas a reality.”

“Our facility is built upon engagement with industry, the requirements of the manufacturing sector drive the content we teach to our students and services we offer to companies. It is becoming increasingly clear that there is skills shortage in manufacturing, something that our facility is dedicated to resolving. Therefore it is so important that our doors are always open, to connect industry and education together in one place.”

Villem Hion, Fractory’s UK Country Manager, based out of the Department Bonded Warehouse in central Manchester, says,

“Taking part in National Manufacturing Day is important to us. We’re growing fast and so we’re anxious to develop relationships with potential new colleagues. Also, because we take a radically different approach to manufacturing procurement, there is a real need to explain ourselves, to demonstrate our automated on-demand manufacturing platform that connects engineers to production capacity. We’re hoping to meet lots of new industry friends on July 7th.”

Steve Foxley, CEO of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre:

“We are looking forward to welcoming local residents, school students and those with a keen interest in manufacturing and engineering to visit the AMRC for a day
and discover what we really mean when we say we’re working on the cutting edge of manufacturing innovation.”

“We will be showcasing some of our most impressive buildings, technologies and projects that are transforming industry and supporting manufacturing on the journey to net zero.”

“As an organisation that recognises people are our greatest asset, visitors will be able to meet some of our talented team and hear first-hand what inspired them to join us. It’s also a chance to show the diverse range of careers within the AMRC and the opportunities available through our apprenticeship programmes at the AMRC Training Centre where we’re equipping the talented engineers of tomorrow with the knowledge and practical skills they need to make a real difference to industry.”

John Bowden, Managing Director of ATEC Engineering:

“Atec are opening our doors on 7th July for National Manufacturing Day, working with the Manufacturers Alliance, Make UK, and UK manufacturing as a whole, we have a responsibility to engage and inspire the next generation to explore a future within the manufacturing sector.”

“We are offering a tour of our facility, demonstrations of our equipment and a chance for students to ask any questions they have to our engineers, apprentices, and managers.
We are taking part in National Manufacturing Day in combination with hosting work experience weeks, our commitment to apprenticeships and the completion of our REACH mentorship programme with Walkden High School. Taking part in NMD has encouraged us to host days like this throughout the year by partnering up with local colleges to invite students onsite.”

“Atec are proud to be a part of National Manufacturing Day and look forward to seeing everyone on the 7th of July!”