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New Industry 4.0 Peer Group for SME Manufacturers

On 28th July, 9:00am – 3:30pm we will be running our first free taster for our new Industry 4.0 Peer Group. This group will run similarly to our existing peer groups and will be dedicated to sharing knowledge on Industry 4.0 type technologies and the breadth of options available to accelerate your efficiency gains

Do you have anyone within your organisation you would like to put forward for the group? They are welcome to test the water for free on 28th July & 29th September.

The group will be facilitated by Mark Stone, who has a wide portfolio of experience in running Manufacturing & Engineering Departments in large and SME manufacturing environments. He also has first-hand experience of applying a lot of the Industry 4.0 type technologies with his own teams in his career.

What are the typical barriers to Industry 4.0 adoption?

Industry 4.0 has joined the hall of fame of buzzwords but doesn’t seem to have gained the traction of uptake from SME manufacturers across the north of England and Wales. From our conversations with our customers, the main reasons for not embracing Industry 4.0 have been:

  • A lack of education. Not knowing enough about what is available (for SME’s), how the technologies could be applied and the potential benefits.
  • Time availability. Not having the spare resources in house to spend on learning about Industry 4.0 technology minefield.
  • Lack of funds. A perceived lack of affordability and the investment not providing a good enough return.
  • It’s for big organisations. A lot of the case studies and big investments are made by larger manufacturers and some SME’s don’t feel it’s for smaller businesses.

Are these the types of barriers for you? We believe we can help.

How can the Manufacturers Alliance help?

With the breadth and depth of our network we can share many examples of where Industry 4.0 type technologies are working for SME manufacturers. Simple solutions are providing real strategic business benefits, such as, reducing lead times (shop floor and office), lowering the cost of operations, improving quality, and improving responsiveness to customer needs.

With our new peer group, we intend to bring the technology examples into the room to educate the people that join the group and support them through the testing and embedding into the business. It will be a pragmatic approach that works with the challenges and aspirations in the room and supports people with the real-life application.

If this new peer support group focused on Industry 4.0 adoption sounds like the kind of group for you or a member of your team, please fill out the contact form below to express your interest and we will share our brochure. Places for this group will be in high demand and limited so please respond early to avoid disappointment.