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We are Recruiting Fantastic Facilitators

The Manufacturers’ Alliance inspires progressive manufacturing leaders to break through the boundaries of possibility and is looking for people with fantastic facilitation skills to join our team.

This role will suit you if you are:

  • a fantastic facilitator
  • passionate about supporting people in leadership roles on their growth journey
  • genuinely curious about people and building lasting relationships
  • fulfilled by helping other people succeed
  • a lifelong learner looking to continue your personal development
  • looking to give something back and make a difference

This a diverse and challenging role that requires you to possess high levels of emotional intelligence and excellent communication and facilitation skills.

You will facilitate full day group meetings, consisting of ambitious manufacturing business owners and managers. You should be adept at facilitating highly engaging meetings and know how to demonstrate and develop great leadership.

You will also support peer group members personal development via 1-2-1 coaching sessions. The 1-2-1 coaching sessions are a safe space for business owners and managers to share openly with you. You will maintain a healthy balance between challenging the thinking of the members and supporting them through their growth journey.

Previous experience of successfully coaching and supporting teams to reaching high performance levels is essential in this role. Much of the time members and chairs spend together is in group and 1-2-1 discussions. You will be responsible for the positive outcomes of these discussions.

It is likely that you have no previous experience facilitating peer groups before (not in the Manufacturers’ Alliance way), but you have a lot of experience helping teams achieve great things together, and comfortable delivering results through others. With this in mind, we will support your personal development for the duration of your journey with us.


We operate in a unique way that is very different to the way other membership, training and support organisations are run. We’re authentic, we care about people, and we have an awesome customer base that we love very much. We are values led and do not compromise on our values. Our customers are supported by our amazing team that are aligned with our purpose and share our values.

If you are looking for something different that will keep you tuned into your own self development, provide you with many opportunities to help others grow and succeed, and most importantly offer tremendous amounts of fulfilment, register your interest in the role via the form below: