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Take part in the Future of UK Manufacturing Survey 2024

The future of manufacturing is at a pivotal crossroads, with Industry 4.0, sustainability, talent attraction, and team nurturing taking centre stage.

Amidst these challenges, what strategies are truly propelling you towards success?

The Manufacturers’ Alliance presents the “Future of Manufacturing Survey 2024.”

This survey is it’s an opportunity for you to share your success stories and illuminate the linchpins for success in today’s manufacturing landscape.

Why participate:

  • Share success: Contribute your firsthand experiences to help us understand what’s currently working for manufacturers on the ground.
  • Identify growth hindrances: Uncover the challenges hindering growth and learn how others are navigating them successfully.
  • Priority access to results: By participating, you gain exclusive, priority access to survey results, empowering you with real-time insights.

Take part here:


Making a Difference:

As a token of our appreciation, for every survey completed, we pledge to donate £1 to Rockit, a Bolton-based charity that supports the well-being of young people by providing opportunities to explore creative skills.

Your insights not only benefit your industry peers but also contribute to a greater cause. 

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Join Us at the 10th Annual Conference:

In May 2024, The Manufacturers’ Alliance will host its 10th annual conference, bringing together diverse minds from the manufacturing realm. You can register your interest in attending this event here: Manufacturers’ Alliance Annual Conference 2024 | The Future of UK Manufacturing (