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Rising Stars Peer Group

An excellent opportunity for your younger team members to share ideas and learn from people with similar aspirations and challenges. Advance and secure your succession planning with confidence, knowing there are strong individuals rising through the ranks – the future leaders of the manufacturing industry.

How do you identify rising stars?


People who are performing well in the roles they are in now, and are also showing strong signs of learning. So not only high IQ but the openness to learning and developing themselves and the ability to master new things quickly.

Social Skills.

People who are skilled at managing their own emotions and the pressures of work and good at building relationships with others. High in emotional intelligence and able to connect with people at all levels in the organisation.


People who are highly motivated and have a strong work ethic to achieve whatever it takes to get the job done. High levels of conscientiousness and eagerness to climb the ladder and take on more responsibility.

"So many people get promoted within organisations because they are good at their job, but they don't get the training that's required to drive their performance forward"

Victoria Hopkins

Facilitator, Manufacturers Alliance
How can the Manufacturers Alliance help?

With our new rising stars peer groups, we intend to bring the highly capable talent into the room together to educate them in modern leadership techniques and support them through their fast-tracked advancement within the business. It will be a pragmatic approach that works with the challenges and aspirations in the room and supports people with the real-life situations they are working with.

Who will be facilitating the group?

The group will be facilitated by Victoria Hopkins, who has first-hand experience of being a rising star and developing young talent. She climbed the ranks in her own family manufacturing business to become the Managing Director, taking turnover from £2 million to £6 million. She is the Co-Chair of the Yorkshire based Manufacturers’ Alliance Leadership Peer Group and also sits on the Governing Board for the Leeds University Technical College.