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Preston Technical Ltd – Patent Grant Announcement for TabTech®

Preston Technical, with their strong innovation background announce that their TabTech® product has been granted a patent by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

By: Medano Ltd

Preston Technical are active members of the Manufacturers’ Alliance and are excited to share some good news with the Alliance members!

Preston Technical are pleased to advise that their TabTech® self- adhesive die-cut product has been granted a patent by the UK Intellectual Property Office on 22nd September 2021.

TabTech® is a novel design of presenting specific die-cut lengths of double-sided self-adhesive tape in a unique roll form which incorporates a new method of enabling the tape release liner to be removed as an operator assembly aid. This is a real asset in industrial manufacturing as it allows assembly operators to remove the protective liner of the tape whilst still wearing protective gloves and enables quick assembly of any taped component in the overall customer manufacturing process which increases efficiency.

“This patent grant for TabTech® is a real boon for the company as it now gives the opportunity to market the product actively around the world and we can take the full benefit of the patent grant to the self-adhesive tape market” commented Lee Parnell, Managing Director, Preston Technical.

He further added “TabTech® is proving to be a major asset to many of our customers but especially those involved in the automotive component manufacturing industry which is increasingly using double-sided adhesive tapes to provide security in the attachment of trim parts to the car body. The challenge is that thinner widths of tape are now commonly required in trim part design. Cutting and dispensing such dimensions of tape is a major process headache for component manufacturers and TabTech® effectively solves that”.

“The automotive industry, in particular, is a truly global one and the granting of the patent for TabTech® will really help us put the product on the map throughout the world”.

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