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Operational Excellence

Our Operational Excellence Peer Support Group is a safe and confidential space for managers and leaders in operational roles to meet on a regular basis to share ideas and solve operational issues. All members of the group have roles within manufacturing operations and work for progressive businesses that are constantly seeking to improve.

Meet with like-minded manufacturing leaders on a regular basis.

share new ideas with other progressive manufacturing leaders.

Develop your abilities and influence business performance

The benefits of joining the Operational Excellence Peer Group
  • Introduce you to new operational excellence tools and techniques to influence better business performance.
  • Help to develop your skills as an operational leader based on the best practice shared by others in the group
  • Provide you with a safe and confidential space to share your challenges with others in a similar role, and work through solutions based on others experience in the group.

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Next Steps to joining our Operational Excellence Group
  • Meet the Chair of the Operational Excellence Group, John Hardwick
  • Attend a Free Taster Session with the group
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"It's not just about implementing great systems, its about getting great results."

John Hardwick


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