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New Emotional Intelligence Programme for Managers in Manufacturing

On 27th October 2021, the Manufacturers Alliance will launch its new Emotional Intelligence training programme for managers in the manufacturing sector. This program is for anyone in a managerial role that is looking to make a step change in their levels of self-awareness and how they build relationships and influence others. The course will bring together mixed groups of office and shop floor managers from a diverse range of businesses from the manufacturing industry.

What is Emotional Intelligence for Manufacturers?

The core areas this 8-month programme will impact manufacturing managers will be:

  • Becoming more self-aware and getting to know who you are, what your values and beliefs are, and your core motivators; your personal drivers.
  • Being more open about your thoughts and feelings with the people around you and being comfortable with who you are.
  • Learning what triggers you and what pushes your buttons in different situations and how to change your response to become more effective.
  • Holding challenging conversations in a more effective manner.
  • Being less stressed and coping well under pressure.
  • Understanding what really motivates people and how your behaviour impacts on others.
  • Learning to develop better relationships and how well you communicate and relate to the people around you.
  • Increasing your openness to learning, trying new things and making mistakes.
  • Discovering the power of empathy and how to develop this core attribute to become more kind to the people around you.
  • Feeling more fulfilled at work and being happier in yourself.

A lot of the core competencies required for manufacturing and engineering roles are developed based on logic, facts and science. Which is great. We need great engineers who can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. But in a world where we need to interact with people and work effectively together, we need balance. We need to develop our emotional intelligence. We can all recognise that there are some people who seem to be highly intelligent yet lack the ability to form healthy relationships with others or do not recognise the impact they have due to their own behaviours.

Our program is designed to help manufacturing people develop their levels of emotional intelligence and improve overall workplace relationships and team effectiveness.

“EQ is intricately melded into each and every decision and action within the workplace.  Therefore, those with higher EQ typically successfully navigate the workplace more effectively. EQ enables an individual to build and drive successful teams and to be agile and responsive as needed. They, therefore, are successful.” (Source: Natural HR, 2017)

What will the course cover?

As with all the Academy training programs, it will be a journey of discovery and applying new ideas, that ultimately build confidence and higher levels of competence into the members of your team. The Emotional Intelligence Program will cover:

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management and Managing Emotions
  • Self Motivation and Motivating Others
  • Social Skills
  • Empathy and Kindness

It will be delivered over a period of 8 months and will be a highly practical experience. Each topic will be explored using a wide range of learning styles; group discussion, videos, break out chats, activities, games and sharing best practice theories.

“TalentSmart tested emotional intelligence alongside thirty three other important workplace skills, and found that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs.” (Source:Travis Bradberry 2015)

How do I find our more and sign up?

If this Emotional Intelligence Program is something of interest to you or someone in your organisation, please fill out the contact form below and we will send through further details for the new group.