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Meet Carol Blackburn, Our Office Administrator

We’re shining the spotlight on our incredible Office Administrator, whose dedication and vibrant energy play a crucial role in the smooth operation of the Manufacturers’ Alliance (MA). From the moment she joined us in February 2022, she has brought an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and commitment to her role. Join us as we delve into her journey with MA, her daily responsibilities, and what makes her excited about the future.


How did you first start working with the Manufacturers’ Alliance?

I started working with the MA in February 2022. After meeting Gary and Trish, I felt we clicked straight away. Learning about the business values and culture, I knew it was a great fit with my personal values. The whole team and community have fantastic energy. I love working with the Manufacturers’ Alliance.


What is your role, and what does a day in your shoes look like?

As the Office Administrator, I’m involved in the administrative side of meeting preparations, communicating information about meetings, retreats, and events with our members, guests, and the MA team. I’ve always loved being in a supportive role. I participate in weekly head office updates and wider team meetings focused on personal development. We also have a ‘fun jar’ in the office with activities like nature walks and paper airplane competitions!


How do you help build and foster relationships with members?

I communicate personally with all our customers and am always happy to help with any information or queries. I’ve attended a peer group meeting with the HR group, making great connections, and I look forward to doing this across all our groups. I enjoyed welcoming members and guests to our annual conference and facilitating roundtable discussions.


What’s your favourite memory since starting with Manufacturers’ Alliance?

My favourite memory would be our team retreat. It was a perfect balance of deep introspection and fun activities. The experience, along with an action plan we created, has been incredibly beneficial, and I’ve seen such a positive change in myself.


What are you looking forward to in the next year?

I’m looking forward to so much! A trip to Italy with my son after his GCSEs, the MA annual conference in May, our team retreat, and becoming an auntie again for the 11th time!”


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