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Manufacturing Leadership Training: How to Best Train and Develop Modern Executives

When you invest in leadership and management development, you want to see executive training that provides results, such as improved decision-making, better communication, and increased productivity. Yes, you want to be treated well during training programmes, and good sandwiches are part of it, as is having a bit of fun, but you need to see results.

You want executive training that makes a tangible difference. We hear you.

manufacturing leadership

There are plenty of leadership and management courses you can go along to yourself or invest in your team to attend, but what should you look for? Does the price reflect how good the training will be? Not always. Do you need to go to a college or university to get the best training? Sometimes, but this can also be quite academic. Is manufacturing leadership different from other sectors? Yes, we find it is.

The manufacturing world is constantly evolving, as are the people we employ in the sector, which means executive training and management skills are changing too. Our Manufacturing Leadership and Management Courses deliver tangible results. The manufacturing leaders and managers who attend our courses change their behavior for the better, and the manufacturing business sees results.

So, what are we doing that lends itself to improved manufacturing leadership?

Here are a few of the key ingredients we include in a good executive training programme:

Tangible Business Benefits. We start with the end in mind and set an intention at the beginning as to what we want the benefit to be for the manufacturing business you are leading. We specialise in the manufacturing sector, so understand the niche needs of the business and tailor the training to suit your needs.

Clarity of Learning and Development Needs. We assess up front the strengths and weaknesses of the people we work with and set out a plan to improve the management skills that will benefit the person and the business most. As we only work with manufacturing businesses, we see a lot of trends in the types of leaders and managers employed in the sector.

Experiential Learning. We don’t use PowerPoint slides and focus on leaders and managers learning by doing. We find that this is far more engaging, and executives retain more knowledge when engaging in training in this way. Who wants to sit for hours through someone droning on through a set of slides?

Modern Psychology. Organisational psychology is constantly evolving and changing as a learning organisation ourselves, we like to work with the latest research and techniques that work in today’s environment. Things that were taught in business schools thirty years ago, don’t all work in today’s manufacturing environment, or land well with the people we work with.

Sharing of Best Practice. Our training programmes are designed and delivered to provide you with modern best practice for leadership and management development. Our facilitators have a lot of knowledge and wisdom in their areas of expertise, but they don’t know everything, and will often ask delegates on a programme to share best practice if they have something that is going to benefit the whole group. This can be something the person or the business is doing, or even a link to a brilliant podcast, book or article. Sharing is caring.

Coach You to Success. Our whole facilitation and training team are experienced coaches and know when to hone in on topic or personal development area that needs nudging along for the person on the training course. They will work at a pace that suits the individual and guide them through the sessions.

Small Group Sizes. We work with a maximum of nine people on an executive training programme. To meet the needs of the people and to deliver the value explained above, we need our facilitators to be able to build relationships with everyone in the group. This becomes impossible when you work with huge groups and people get lost between the cracks.

We hope this has provided some insight into how you can best train and develop modern executives in your manufacturing business. We are here to help you with your management training needs, so do reach out if we don’t have a programme that suits you and your business yet. We are always open to developing something new.

What skills should you be looking for in a modern manufacturing leader?

We work with hundreds of manufacturing leaders each year and have a good understanding of what is working well in today’s environment, and what doesn’t. We have compiled a simple questionnaire to help you assess your own leadership style and whether you match up to the needs of a modern manufacturing leader. It will only take you two minutes to complete and will provide an instant report tailored to you.

Click here to assess yourself against our Modern Manufacturing Leadership scorecard.