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Kerry Joins the Manufacturer’s Alliance!

We would like to welcome Kerry Leigh to our growing team of facilitators.

Kerry loves people and has been facilitating since 2003 helping people to develop their personal skills and coping strategies and increase their knowledge in mental health and wellbeing. Kerry is very excited to be joining the team particularly because she has tasted Gary’s excellent cooking and share’s Trish’s passion for cold water therapy.

Kerry is passionate about empowering people to be their best selves and enjoys the challenge of opening people’s minds to new ways of thinking and doing they may have never experienced before. Having previously worked across the sectors she is excited to be working specifically with the manufacturing industry in a time of change and opportunity.

“Kerry brings a huge depth and breadth of facilitation experience to the Academy. She’s loves to support people growing and expanding their thinking, with her down to earth delivery style. The groups she supports will have lots of fun I’m sure. Training will never be boring with Kerry involved. Welcome to the team!” Gary Sheader, Founder & Managing Director, Manufacturers Alliance.