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Yorkshire Manufacturers Polish Profitability Strategy at the Cutlers Hall in Sheffield

Date: 21/09/2022
Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: AM: Airmaster PM: Cutler's Hall, Sheffield

Manufacturers In Yorkshire

Manufacturers In Yorkshire

Are you under pressure from increased costs in the supply chain, energy prices and inflation? Are your figures resilient enough to see you through the further financial pressures in the next 12 months? AND can you not only survive but thrive throughout this period?

On the 21st of September the West Yorkshire Manufacturers Alliance Peer Group plan to pair old values with new and look to the winter months with a steely determination to power up profitability within their businesses staring down the Looming Recession.

The next monthly meeting of this peer group for manufacturing leaders is to be held at the historic grade 2 listed building, considered to be one of the finest Livery halls in the country and the iconic home of The Company of Cutler’s in Hallamshire.

Founded in 1624 The Cutlers Company has sought to maintain the high standards and quality of Sheffield-manufactured cutlery and steel products, creating a high standard of manufacturing the globe now benchmarks against.

The association comprises around 350 members, also known as Freeman who all sign up to maintain the quality of all types of manufactured goods to the Cutlers Company standards.

The Manufacturers’ Alliance is fortunate enough to have two members who are Freeman of the Cutler’s Company and have been since 2015. This association has enabled them to open the doors of the famous Cutlers Hall to host a meeting exclusive to the Manufacturers Alliance.

Co-host Rachel Abbott, Managing Director of Cobra Sports Exhausts has been a member of this peer group for 5 months now and explains why being a Freeman in addition to holding membership with the Manufacturers Alliance, provides a complete package of support for her in a leadership role,

“Being both a Freeman of the Cutler’s Company in Hallamshire and a Member of the Manufacturer’s Alliance provides a balanced and varied support system enabling access to multiple levels of advice and viewpoints which assists with the future growth plans of the business and helps us to remain resilient through varied challenges.”

Rachel explains here why she felt so passionately about becoming a part of the Peer Group.

Rachel will be hosting alongside Lisa Pogson, Managing Director of Airmaster where they are planning on starting the day at 8 am where Lisa will host breakfast.

Lisa states,

“For me the Manufacturer’s Alliance gives a peer support in a small interactive group, with coaching capacity, that has built trust and confidentiality in issues across a wide geographical area and sectors. 

Similarly, being a Freeman of the Cutler’s Company in Hallamshire gives support and networking across organisations from our local landscape.  The rich breadth of knowledge and support continues to be invaluable to me and our organisation.”

Both Lisa and Rachel will be joined by a room of like-minded manufacturing leaders and fellow members of the Manufacturers’ Alliance, who also value the support from the group. Alex Grace explains below,

The meeting is Facilitated by the Manufacturers Alliance’s, Victoria Hopkins, Jonathan Wurr and Founder Gary Sheader who will deliver a powered-up profitability workshop in the afternoon designed to feed the participants of the meeting with:

**Simple Strategies to Improve Your Profitability**

With rising energy costs, pressure to increase employees’ wages and supply chain challenges, it can be challenging to retain a healthy profit in your business.

There are five key areas that drive profitability.

  • Increasing turnover
  • Increasing your prices
  • Improving productivity
  • Increasing throughput
  • Reducing costs.

During this workshop, Gary will share and highlight a few brilliant examples of best practice tips that other successful manufacturing businesses are adopting to increase profitability and share ideas in the room on what is working well for you.

This meeting is being opened up to guests, if you are a progressive manufacturing leader in the West Yorkshire area, please register via the form below and we can reserve you a spot at this meeting.

The meeting is by invitation only with limited spaces, it’s free to attend and exclusive to manufacturers in the West Yorkshire Region. If you would like to accept your invitation please complete the short form below.