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The Energy Crisis of 2022

Date: 17/02/2022
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Location: Zoom Webinar

Energy Crisis Webinar

For this online meeting, we have partnered with Perfect Sense Energy and will be providing you with vital updates on the current and future energy crisis, its impact on manufacturers and how to prepare for the uncapped energy bills heading straight for the commercial sector.

We don’t relish being the bearer of bad news, but the current and future energy crisis will be one of the biggest challenges for Manufacturers in the next 12 months.

An idea of how bad future pricing is looking for 2022 contracts – wholesale prices will be between 4 & 5 times higher than in 2020. This could easily mean manufacturers energy bills could double or even triple if long term deals haven’t already been locked in for them in 2020 or the first half of 2021.

This time last year it was £40/MWh, currently, the price is approximately at £180/MWh!

What can be done? 

The commercial sector is not protected with an energy price cap as per the domestic market. 

SME’s failure to act on this news now could see a very damaging impact upon their business or even its survival. Unless you are consuming very large quantities of energy and are in the flex buy market, you will be subject to fixed prices in contract. Do you know when your contract is due to expire? It’s estimated that when you secure a new contract by August there will be a minimum 30% increase, January 2022 a137% increase and in the next 24 months anywhere up to a 250% increase.

Everyone will be impacted, and this issue will be in play until at least 2023 – So it is not going away.

 You can mitigate the risk in various ways. Whether it’s with a decision on advanced purchase, investment into your infrastructure to reduce energy consumption, generating your own power or a combination of activity. This moment in time is an opportunity to plan and this webinar will stack up ideas and inspiration on building that plan.

 The Meeting will cover four key areas of information for you:

  • The Energy Market in 2021 and COVID
  • The start of 2022 view of the Energy market
  • What this year will bring and what to be aware of
  • How best to manage and mitigate the risks ahead.

Who will be delivering the webinar?

The session will be delivered by Gary Brandwood of Perfect Sense Energy. Their purpose is to provide clear, concise and targeted advice that will guide you towards the best possible energy reduction services and technologies to help you to achieve a great return on investment and permanently reduce your energy spend. They have a passion for your profit and green credentials which ensures they only recommend proven solutions that have a significant impact and a short payback period using the highest quality equipment and services available in the UK today.

This is a great opportunity to seek advice from an impartial expert in this area and ask any questions that are concerning you about the future.

Join us for this Virtual Meeting

At the Manufacturers Alliance, we want to ensure you do not get caught out with the spiralling costs that are imminent in the energy sector and will support you in preparing to futureproof your business. We will be supporting the facilitation of the event and will deliver in our usual interactive style. If you would like to join us for this virtual meeting, please fill out the form below.