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North Wales & Merseyside Manufacturers Alliance Group Meeting

Date: 20/01/2022
Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Roberts Manufacturing, Furness House, Castle Park Industrial Estate, Flint, CH6 5XA

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Roberts Manufacturing Limited was created in 2018 to facilitate the continued growth of the long-established Polyroof Products Limited and Res-Tec Limited. Together the three companies, all based at our longstanding facilities in Flint, North Wales, form the Roberts Group

Our members thoughts on growing as a leader

Gain new ideas from a committed alliance of manufacturers, that meet on a monthly basis to inspire and motivate each other to breakthrough the boundaries of possibility. Surround yourself with highly motivated and progressive people like you in a safe space where you can talk open and honestly with people who get it.

Be a progressive leader that stands out for excellence, growth, success, and sustainability in UK manufacturing.

3 Easy Steps to Start Your Journey

  • Step 1: We Listen.

We meet, listen and understand your challenges and aspirations as a manufacturing leader. Through a one to one with a dedicated manufacturing expert and attending free taster sessions with our peer group members.

  • Step 2: We Support.

We explore solutions and opportunities, and form new ideas together, creating the foundations for solid growth plans. You visit member businesses to gain the ideas and support you need to achieve your vision for the future, with actionable advice and applications for immediate and long-term benefit.

  • Step 3: We Commit.

We dedicate our time to support your changes and help you to adapt your leadership style, breaking through boundaries and achieve growth you never thought possible. You sign up to join us and commit to growing into a manufacturing leader of the future, achieving sustainable & ethical success through strategies underpinned by support and expertise from your membership with the Manufacturers’ Alliance.