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Menopause in Manufacturing

Date: 29/11/2022
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Location: Online Zoom Event

Menopause in Manufacturing

We are coming together to talk about the hot HR topic of 2022 – Menopause.

Women in manufacturing are invaluable, dexterous and detailed hard workers. So then why is menopause widely not acknowledged, understood or accommodated? Had it occurred to you that production, lead times and the entire workplace environment could be vastly improved by undertaking some straightforward conversations.

It’s not simple though, is it? Talking to women about women’s problems. Private, taboo and awkward, which means YOU NEED to be BRAVE!

Don’t worry though we are here for you all, and we will guide you in these difficult conversations, creating camaraderie and comfort in your workforce.

According to a Newson Health Research and Education survey of 3,800 women, 99% said they felt menopause had negatively affected their careers. Almost 60% had taken time off, with 18% having more than eight weeks off.

With this in mind, this event will look into why menopause is a workplace issue, and what strategies can be put in place to avoid or minimise the negative impact on the business.

The session will focus on:

• The medical side of menopause and the symptoms associated with it
• Why menopause is a workplace issue
• The legal issues that can arise
• The key steps that can be taken by employers and employees to improve wellbeing and mitigate against the legal risks that can arise.

We will also be offering a free Menopause Policy for all attending

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