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Ellie Nieuwenhuizen joins the Manufacturer’s Alliance Team

The Manufacturers Alliance would like to welcome Ellie Nieuwenhuizen to the team.

Ellie will be embracing a new role within the Manufacturer’s Alliance team as the Marketing Coordinator.

Ellie has eight years of experience in marketing for the downstream oil and commercial fuelling industries, with an even longer history of managing events and exhibitions. Largely promoting engineering technologies and equipment throughout the UK she has targeted products and services to market segments including The Ministry of Defence, aggregate, aviation, road, and rail freight.

Working in line with business development directives, she has held roles managing administration, sales and group marketing. Executing full company rebrands, product launches, and lead generating campaigns, she delivers results through educating and engaging, multi-channel marketing strategies.

Ellie is excited to join the team explaining, “This is a moment of great opportunity for the UK’s manufacturing sector.  I believe positioning myself within the Manufacturer’s Alliance is where I can actively contribute to inspiring manufacturing leaders to push their businesses forward. I’m committed to reaching out to new and existing business leaders with insightful communications that spark engagement with the pillars of support we deliver through The Academy; The Groups; Thought Leadership Events; and of course, our unrivalled Hands-on Support.”

The Founder and Managing Director of the Manufacturers Alliance, Gary Sheader welcomed Ellie into the business with a few warming words, “Ellie is a great fit with the Manufacturers Alliance values and is keen to support us in our quest to inspire more manufacturing business leaders via our new business model. She is really open and keen to learn by jumping in with both feet and getting involved. Welcome to the team Ellie.”