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Team Leader Development Programme

A high impact programme that delivers behavioural change and tangible business results. Comprises a total of 16 modules, delivered across 4 pivotal areas for front line leaders, over an 8-month period. For maximum flexibility and accessibility, we have built this course around key UK holiday periods.

Average financial business saving as a result of the programme.

Maximum group size, ensuring everyone receives a tailored learning experience.

Practical delivery style. No PowerPoint.

Module Summary

Managing Yourself

Four individual modules centred around:

  • Developing higher levels of self-awareness
  • Improving self-management effectiveness
  • Developing levels of emotional intelligence
  • Understanding the gap in expected versus actual performance
  • Improving conflict management skills
  • Improving time management & prioritisation skills
Managing Others

Four individual modules centred around:

  • Understanding others and building better relationships
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Developing & getting the best out of others within their responsibility
  • Becoming more socially aware
  • Developing influencing skills and building teams for optimum results
  • Learning what motivates and engages people
  • Learning how to set clear standards for the team
Improvement Tools and Techniques

Four individual modules centred around:

  • Understanding lean manufacturing tools and techniques
  • Learning the difference between value added work and waste
  • Knowing where to focus problem solving efforts to deliver the best results
  • Learning how to kick-start a range of improvement efforts
  • Starting a continuous improvement journey
  • Knowing how to identify waste
  • Becoming more organised
  • Improving problem solving abilities within a team

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Engaging Employees in Improvement

Four individual modules centred around:

  • Understanding how to engage employees and teams to improve departments
  • Knowing how to engage different personalities in improvement activities
  • Learning how to make individuals’ performance & improvements efforts visual
  • Understand how improved team engagement creates positive business impact
  • Learning how to sustain gains for the long term

"It's an experiential and embedded kind of learning, and something that stays with you forever."


Facilitator, Manufacturers' Alliance

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