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How to Confidently Manage Conflict & Handle Difficult People

At the Manufacturers Alliance, we firmly believe that being a great leader requires great people skills. One of the high priority people skills to have in your toolbox as a leader is being able to manage conflict confidently. The types of leaders that struggle the most with managing conflict are the people pleasers.


The Purpose of the Conflict Management Training
  • Help you to understand what conflict is, and the negative impact this has on teams.
  • Help you to overcome your own personal barriers to managing conflict effectively.
  • Help you create a positive culture where conflict is challenged and managed productively.
  • Support you in empowering the people in your team to solve their own problems.
  • Provide you with 2 days training that will provide immediate results.

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The Benefits of Developing your Conflict Handling Skills
  • You will feel more confident in handling challenging situations and people.
  • Your will have a range of skills to deal with different situations.
  • You will help role model a culture that shows how conflict can be managed.
  • You will feel a sense of reward from the improved relationships within your team.
  • Your teams will feel more confident that you will deal with situations head on.

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