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Inspiring Leadership Programme

This highly interactive programme will unlock the key components of Emotional Intelligence for everyone that joins the journey. Each topic will be explored using a wide range of learning styles; group discussion, videos, break out chats, activities, games and sharing best practice theories.

Maximum group size, ensuring a tailored learning experience for everyone.

Practical delivery style. No PowerPoint.

of top performers score high on emotional intelligence; just 20% of low performers score high on emotional intelligence.

Course Summary


The course will help you to better understand why we all need to develop our levels of emotional intelligence and the benefits both personally and professionally to growing as a person. You will get to know who you are, what your core values and beliefs are, and your own personal coaching motivational drivers.


You will learn your own triggers in different situations and the patterns of behaviours you have established over time. And most importantly, how you can master your own thinking and emotions to become more resilient and personally effective.

Self-Motivation & Motivating Others

You will learn about the basic factors that motivate all humans and how to effectively communicate and get the best out of others. You will gain a better understanding of confidence building and how to bring out the best in yourself and the people around you.

Social Skills

You will become more socially aware throughout the programme, due to the highly interactive and participative nature of our delivery style. You will learn to build positive relationships with people and how to be a great team player.

Empathy & Kindness

You will learn the power of empathy and how to transform your listening skills when communicating with others. You will become kinder to yourself and those around you as a result of completing this programme.

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"The programme highlight for me was seeing how much I’ve grown as a person."


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