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Team Leader Development Program

Are you looking for a program that is focused on action and capable of creating a step change in performance?

This program has been developed for shop floor and office-based Team Leaders in the manufacturing sector. The types of people that gain the most from the program are:

  • Frontline managers with responsibility for a team
  • People with responsibility for a team that is new to management
  • People in supervisory roles that are generally looking to improve their people skills
  • Operators that became Team Leaders or Managers but have received very little external training
  • Supervisors and Managers that are looking to engage their teams in continuous improvement

The Team Leaders complete 17 modules over 6 months, which are held at various manufacturing sites in the North West. Each module is followed by an Action Plan, which ensures the learning is embedded after each session. At the end of the program, each Team Leader will deliver an end of program presentations to their Line Managers to demonstrate the impact the program has had on them and their businesses.

Some of the key learning points over the 6 months will be:

  • More Resilient – Your Team Leaders will learn to take things on the chin, manage own emotions and move on. They will develop new skills that will help them to bounce back.
  • Better Time Management – Your Team Leaders will become more organised and plan their days better, plus not get dragged into things and delegate more.
  • Team Engagement – Your Team Leaders will spend more time actively listening to team members and coaching them to develop the skills needed to do the job.
  • More Assertive – Your Team Leaders will learn to set expectations and standards with team members and agree accountability to help improve department productivity.
  • More Organised – Your Team Leaders will use more visual management to forward plan and manage resource requirements.
  • Positive Attitude – Your Team Leaders will feel less under pressure from the workload, manage emotions better and be more positive towards team members.
  • Dealing with Conflict – Your Team Leaders will see conflict as healthy in a team and will encourage people to be more open and challenge the norms.
  • Communication Skills – Your Team Leaders will communicate more often, with clarity and more confidently with the team.
  • Confidence – Your Team Leaders will approach the role with confidence and will feel like a leader by the end of the program.

Why The Manufacturers Alliance?

There are lots of leadership and management courses out there to choose from. It’s a shame when the only feedback you receive from your team is, “it was OK”, or even worse, “the sandwiches were really good”. To give you an example of what a typical Team Leader response is at the end of the program here is a testimonial from Mark Duckett at Pneumatrol:

“The Team Leader Program has been life changing for me, both personally and in my role as a Team Leader. I feel more confident and have a much more in depth understanding of important leadership skills, such as, coaching, listening, communication and employee engagement. I have increased my lean knowledge and have a few new tools like A3 Thinking and Visual Management that will make a big difference in our business. I have enjoyed every one of the modules and would highly recommend this course to any manufacturing supervisors and managers looking for an insightful and fun learning experience with industry experts.”

Mark Duckett, Team Leader – Pneumatrol Ltd

We are now recruiting for Team Leader for this program and will be operating on a first come first served basis. We always have manufacturing businesses interested in placing people on the program, so it will fill up quickly.

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