We launched our first peer group in 2013 and based on the success of this launched our 2nd group at the beginning of 2016. We have recently launched 2 further groups and have plans for 2 more this year. The current regions covered are; West Manchester, South Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire. This will expand into North Manchester and Cheshire later in the year.

We are dedicated to the personal development of our members and their businesses. The group meet on a monthly basis to learn from our speakers, learn from each other, help each other solve various business issues and share best practices from decades of shared experience.

The members all hold senior roles in manufacturing businesses. They all share a passion for growth, both personal and business growth, and are all very supportive of each other, championing each other’s success.

Our members meet for a full day each month at one of the member sites. This is quite a commitment but it gets our members focused on, rather than in the business. It also takes them away from the day to day distractions of the business for 5% of their working life.
We invite our speakers along to share one of these days with us, which would typically include;

A tour of the host member’s manufacturing facility
Sharing of best practise (all parts of the business, i.e. production, sales, marketing, finance, etc.)
Networking & ideas sharing
A 1 ½ – 2 hour knowledge transfer session from our guest speaker
Peer to peer problem solving

We are looking for people that want to grow with our groups and become partners with the Manufacturers’ Alliance moving forward. People that have a passion for UK manufacturing and supporting leaders in becoming more effective in their roles. For the speaker slot we expect:

Speakers that can capture the imagination of the audience and communicate on their level
An engaging 1 ½ – 2 hour workshop with lots of interaction for our members
Content that is innovative and relevant to SME manufacturing leaders
Workshops that focus on personal development or topics that will support business growth
Discussions that raise the energy of the room and inspire our members to take action.

Do your homework and read through our website, research who we are and what we do. Make sure that this feels right before you start to make a commitment.

Send in your CV or a link to your personal profile on LinkedIn if you feel this is more appropriate. We will review your CV and make contact with you. If you have taken the time and effort to show an interest in us it is only fair that we do the same.

We will discuss informally your speaker proposal and our ambitions as a group and explore whether we are aligned with each other. It is important that we build a good relationship with our future Speakers before we introduce them to our members.

You will be invited along to one of our Speaker Days, where you will meet with our Manufacturers Alliance management team, and other potential Speakers. You will then take part in a Speaker Day where you will find out more about the Alliance and our groups.

You will join our team of Speakers as an official Manufacturers’ Alliance Speaker, where you will be provided with opportunities to speak at future meetings around the UK.

If this sounds like a future aligned with your own personal beliefs and values then please get in touch. We are looking for Speakers just like you.

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