The North Wales group is a new group being launched to support the growth of UK manufacturing. The group is currently recruiting new members and is open to meeting ambitious manufacturing leaders in the area.

Our goal is to support the growth of SME manufacturing businesses via an affordable membership model that connects like-minded people in the industry. We firmly believe that manufacturing is the backbone of the UK economy and every effort should be made to accelerate the growth of those with ambition. People just like you that have personal and business growth ambitions. People you can trust and willing to open up their doors to share great ideas and business best practice.

Group Chair Person -  Simon Carin

Simon has been a General Manager for over 3 decades and has worked at Board level as an MD in the UK and in Europe, for nearly 20 years. His experience covers a wide range of activities and disciplines including; Distribution, Manufacturing and Installation. At the heart of all of this was our customer, typically an Owner Managed or SME business.

Simon believes results matter and that leadership is all about delivering the right results, in the right way. His passion is for people and in supporting them to become and to be at their best.

Favourite Leader: Nelson Mandela, “it always seems impossible until it’s been done” - he made difficult decisions, his resilience inspired the world and he was President for a whole Nation.

Top Books: most recently, Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed and Sally Gunnel’s, Ten Hurdles in Life

Top Films: Witches of Eastwick, A Few Good Men and Mission Impossible Rouge Nation (I know!)

Likes: good company, good humour, anything with petrol in it, travel and cooking

Dislikes: being late, people who don’t say what they mean, people who don’t do as they say and people who whinge.

Favourite Quote: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou

Group Chair Person -  Mark Stone

Mark has worked in key engineering roles for UK and Global manufacturing businesses for over 3 decades. His

experience covers a wide range of industries including machine tools, automotive and white goods as well as activities and disciplines including Research, Design & Product Development, Product Compliance, Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing and Service.

Mark is a Chartered Engineer and believes strongly in the importance of collaboration between engineering and other business functions, getting the best possible results through cross functional working at the early stages of the product lifecycle, optimising the product for functionality and for manufacture and service.
He is passionate about supporting and encouraging people within manufacturing, helping them to achieve personal and business goals, and for succession planning, particularly in engineering where experienced people can be hard to replace.

Favourite Leader: Churchill: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." – he had the courage to lead the nation through real adversity with no certainty of the outcome.

Top Books: The Goal, Lean Thinking and Leading Change

Top Films: Invictus, Hidden Figures, Darkest Hour

Likes: Sport, wine, nice food and warm and windy weather for windsurfing

Dislikes: Prejudice, politics in the workplace, waste and ineffiency

Favourite Quote: “Tomorrow will be a good day” – Captain Sir Tom Moore

The Manufacturers’ Alliance approach has been designed to provide a safe place for manufacturing leaders to meet, share ideas and support each others growth, both personally and professionally.

The Manufacturers’ Alliance has a number of taster sessions planned for a new group launching in North Wales. These taster sessions provide prospective new members with a chance to test the water and see whether the format works for them and their business. Fill out the contact form below if you would like to join us.

Being a member of the Manufacturers’ Alliance will provide you with:

  • A platform to meet other like-minded people and share ideas.
  • An opportunity to visit fellow member sites and learn new best practice.
  • Interactive workshops with industry leading speakers that add value to manufacturing.
  • Regular sessions to work through your business issues with inputs and advice from fellow members and chair people.
  • An annual retreat designed to allow you to take time out and regain focus on your priorities.
  • A bi-monthly 1-2-1 session at your site with an Alliance Chair Person.
  • A network of manufacturing ambassadors that share your values and want to help you succeed.

Our typical members are:

  • Leaders from within the manufacturing sector.
  • Truly passionate about the growth of the UK manufacturing sector.
  • Open minded and want to learn.
  • Willing to share ideas and knowledge.
  • Love to help others solve problems.
  • Can be trusted with confidential and sensitive issues.
  • Committed to taking action and making things happen.