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Launch of New Peer Group to Support the Advancement of Technology and Innovation in Manufacturing

The Manufacturers Alliance is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new initiative: the Technology and Innovation Peer Group. Designed specifically for aspiring intrapreneurs working within SME manufacturing and engineering businesses, this peer group aims to foster collaboration, drive technological advancements, and ignite innovation within our vibrant manufacturing community.

About the Technology and Innovation Peer Group

The Technology and Innovation Peer Group is a dynamic peer group where forward-thinking professionals can come together to share insights, exchange ideas, and explore cutting-edge ideas. Whether you’re an engineer manager, a product designer, or a business leader, this group provides a unique space to collaborate, learn, and grow.

The Technology and Innovation Peer Group will facilitate:

Knowledge Exchange: Members will have the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences, successes, and challenges. From adopting digital technologies to implementing innovation practices, the group will explore a wide range of topics.
Tech Trends and Best Practices: Stay ahead of the curve by discussing emerging technologies such as data analytics, automation, AI and digital transformation. Our goal is to equip aspiring intrapreneurs with the support they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.
Innovation Workshops and Hackathons: Regular workshops and hackathons will encourage creative problem-solving. Participants can collaborate on real-world SME challenges and develop innovative solutions that benefit their organizations.

Meet Your Facilitator: Philippa Glover

We are delighted to welcome Philippa Glover as the facilitator for the Technology and Innovation Peer Group. Philippa brings a wealth of experience in both manufacturing and technology. Her passion for driving change and her commitment to fostering collaboration make her the ideal guide for this new addition to The Manufacturers Alliance.

“Having been friends with the Manufacturing Alliance for nearly seven years, I am thrilled to join the team and facilitate the technology and innovation peer group. A topic close to my heart. The mission is clear: to empower a new generation of intrapreneurs, embrace technology, and elevate our SME manufacturing community.” — Philippa Glover



How to Get Involved

If you’re an aspiring intrapreneur passionate about technology, innovation, and growth, or have someone in your business you are looking to grow we invite you to join the Technology and Innovation Peer Group. Connect with like-minded professionals, share your expertise, and be part of a transformative community.

The group will be launching on 5th September 2024 at JJ Smith Woodworking Machinery in Knowsley and will be focusing on Robotics, Automation and AI for the first meeting.

For inquiries and membership details, please complete the registration form on the website here 

About the Manufacturers Alliance

Established in 2013, The Manufacturers’ Alliance is a support organisation for modern manufacturing leaders that helps to solve challenges and explore new possibilities together. We believe that business should be a force for good in the UK, and our mission is to connect forward-thinking minds and build the right capability to move the manufacturing industry forwards. With the right leadership, manufacturing can become the change UK industry needs.