The Manufacturers’ Alliance is a member’s organisation for people that approach business with an open mind and consider themselves to be lifelong learners. Each of the members has agreed to the compulsory code of conduct:

1. I am a decision maker from the UK manufacturing community willing to support the growth of all the members of the group.
2. I will always participate during meetings, share ideas and connections to ensure the further advancement of the Manufacturers’ Alliance.
3. I will approach the meetings as a learner and look to develop my skills and character along with all my fellow members.
4. I agree to behave as per the Manufacturers’ Alliance set of values.

best practise site visits

As part of our monthly meetings, you get the opportunity to visit the other member sites and tour their facilities. This has proved to be a great experience for both the visitors and the host. The visitors get the chance to see how other people approach their manufacturing processes and improvement. The host gets a chance to involve the team in showcasing what you are best at.

problem solving sessions

Members take a collaborative approach to help each other work through issues and share ideas on best practice. Imagine 13 other business leaders, with a desire to succeed, all refusing to let you fail. This type of ongoing support every month ensures you are constantly challenged and feel you have people to turn to should you need a helping hand.

2 day luxury retreat

As business leaders, we don’t often get a chance to get away from the madness at work and focus on ‘me’. The 2 day yearly retreats are designed to help you focus on yourself and have some clear thinking space. The retreats are always memorable and provide some real clarity on your personal goals and aspirations.

uk manufacturing network

As we are rapidly growing our membership and continuously launching new groups across the UK our members are becoming part of a larger alliance of manufacturing organisations. This provides additional benefits, which include, having the option to attend meetings in other parts of the UK with different groups of manufacturing leaders and managers. Also, the fact that you are networking with people that approach business in the same way, improves performance.

monthly group meetings

The whole group meet on a monthly basis for a full day, typically 8.00 am – 4.00 pm. This level of commitment ensures you spend at least 5% of your time each month developing yourself and your business.

Accelerated learning workshops

Monthly guest speakers are carefully selected based on their ability to transfer knowledge that gives members something tangible to take back and implement in their business. Members determine the speaker content in advance based on what they feel is the highest priority to the group.

highly supportive networking

As well as developing your own skills there is also a huge sales opportunity due to the number of connections within the group. Part of the format for the monthly meetings is to utilise the contacts within the group and help each other find new business.

personal action plan

The Group Chai will help you build a portfolio of personal goals and business solutions as part of your Personal Action Plan. The Chair will act as task master to ensure you take action and stay on track with your goals. The real benefit of being part of this group and gaining new ideas is going back to your business and doing something about it.

private individual meetings

One of the group Chair will visit your organisation bi-monthly to talk through private issues you would prefer not to discuss with the group. You can also use these meetings to help you manage your personal goals and action plan.

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