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Find that Funding – With Graham Niven

Date: 03/10/2022
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Location: Online Zoom Event

Funding for Manufacturers

Find That Funding


As the ABBA lyric SHOULD go “Money, money, money – It’s not so funny, in a manufacturer’s world.”


In reality, we are faced with sales pipelines suspended in time, crazy costs in the supply chain, and the government’s predictably wishy-washy ‘energy price caps’ applied to the commercial sector as a mere afterthought after spouting nothing but ‘domestic energy price caps’ for 12 months AND the most unpredictable future for businesses since the initial Covid outbreak in April 2009.


Have we even recovered our bank balance since that?

Right now we need to know our funding and finance options, here in the North West for SME manufacturers to not just survive but thrive; and there is one chap we need to place firmly in front of you for a solid brain picking. We choose who we work with very carefully and receive zero financial benefits from endorsing this chap, we just know he can help you.


If you need finance to help start, grow, transform, sell or even SAVE your business, we present to you – Graham Niven.


We have teamed up with Graham, A Chartered Accountant who lives a breathes manufacturing finance, and who will share with you how to find funding for your business. His success in securing business funding comes from various streams including Banks & Business Angels covering values from £10k to £10m.

Earning his stripes by securing funding for manufacturers all over the North West he can share live information on exactly which banks are lending, current grants, finance options and maximum values available. He understands their individual criteria and how to secure your best chance of approval and success stating,


“There are loads of funding opportunities out there……it’s all about putting the right proposal in front of the right funder(s)”


In a nutshell, he will explain:

  1. What funding there is out there  
  2. What you need to do to get it


In this online meeting with Graham, he will be exploring with you individually, how to place the correct information in front of the right source to secure approval every time. Diving into the particulars of

  • Debt
  • Equity
  • Grants
  • Asset-backed finance
  • Second tier funders


He holds an unrivalled knowledge of the funding opportunities within regions including Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire to name a few accessing the below Funding Pots by example,

  • GM Investment Fund 50% match.- GMCA
  • Export Fund
  • Business Growth Loan- MSIF
  • Innovate UK initiatives


He can guide you in preparing robust business plans, profit and loss forecasts along with cash flow forecasts to assist with the raising of funds. He also works to support manufacturers in the preparation and execution of selling businesses, especially when the owners are looking to retire and possibly get some of the value they’ve created out of the business.

Graham explains,

“I’ve helped many businesses raise funding –  I always say I do £10k-£10miilion but my sweet spot is £25k – £500k. It has been a mixture of debt finance and equity finance, with grant finance. My best deal was an equity one where the client and the angel met on a Thursday/ spoke all weekend on the phone, met again on Wednesday – shook hands on a deal – and they are still working together now!”


If you want to join us and pick Graham’s brains for free, then sign up using the registration form below >

*As always, our events are exclusive to manufacturers in the North West of the UK and Wales – it’s not personal. We just like to keep our experiences on point and all about manufacturing because that is what we are good at!