April 14, 2020

Covid-19 Virtual Meetings

Our Free Virtual Meetings for SME Manufacturers launched on 1st April 2020 to support manufacturing leaders through the challenges you are facing with the Covid-19 coronavirus. 

We at the Manufacturers Alliance feel that this is a time for community spirit and doing all we can to help each other out. We feel we should take the lead and “be the change we wish to see in the world”. 

To support you, we are running free 1 hour clinics for SME manufacturers throughout the crisis. These virtual meetings will be hosted on the Zoom platform. Easily accessible from your home from a laptop or PC.  

Our Chair People have remained at the centre of the storm and are well up to speed on all the associated risks and challenges related to the virus. They will be able to support with advice and signpost you to the relevant guidance where required. 

The virtual meetings will be run with groups of up to 12 manufacturers (so please register in advance), where you will be able to share ideas and gain support from other local manufacturers, as well as our experienced Mentors. 

Our goal is to support the growth of SME manufacturing businesses via a model that connects like-minded people in the industry. We firmly believe that manufacturing is the backbone of the UK economy and every effort should be made to accelerate the growth of those with ambition. People just like you that have personal and business growth ambitions. We will connect you with people you can trust, that are willing to open up their (virtual) doors to share great ideas and business best practice.  

As well as the free clinics on Wednesday afternoons, we are also running regular webinars on: 

  • Managing working capital 
  • Employment law 
  • Employee wellbeing 
  • Managing homeworkers 
  • The best tech for homeworking 
  • Managing capacity constraints or over burden 
  • Winning new business

Register your interest in the free clinics for SME manufacturers below: