May 13, 2019

Coaching & Mentoring Program

Leadership Development for Manufacturing Leaders

The Manufacturers Alliance Coaching & Mentoring Development Program is a transformational leadership development program for senior and mid-level managers, focused on developing coaching skills to enable breakthrough levels of personal and team performance.

Program Benefits

  • Learn how to create the best environment for coaching & mentoring your team.
  • Understand how different people learn and how to adapt to various learning styles.
  • Learn how to develop high levels of competence within your team.
  • Learn how to recognise what motivates your team and when you should be mentor, coach or facilitator.
  • Understand the difference between life, task, business and behavioural coaching and how and when to apply them.
  • Develop a set of coaching tools and techniques that work best for you and practise in a safe environment.
  • Recognise the engagement gaps in your own team and what to do to close them.
  • Understand yourself and your own coaching ability and what you can do to improve.

Program Outline

  • Intense 3 month program focused on self-development, motivating others, coaching theories and helping others achieve high performance.
  • Action centred approach, with output activities and targets to be delivered from each module.
  • Experienced trainers with expertise in psychology, people development, behavioural change, coaching and high performing teams.
  • Mixed groups of manufacturing businesses on the program to provide peer to peer learning opportunities.
  • Maximum group size of 8 delegates to enable more 1-2-1 time with trainers.
  • Custom 360 profile of delegates pre and post program to establish development needs.

The following delegates gain the most from the program:

  • Leaders / Managers that would like to stop telling and comfortably delegate more to the team
  • Leaders / Managers that are looking to develop more autonomy in the business, i.e. people reaching higher levels of performance and making their own decisions
  • Leaders / Managers that are looking to spend less time working ‘in’ the business
  • Leaders / Managers that would like to develop their coaching capability

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Coaching & Mentoring Program