About Us

Our goal is to support the growth of SME manufacturing businesses via an affordable membership model that connects like-minded people in the industry. We firmly believe that manufacturing is the backbone of the UK economy and every effort should be made to accelerate the growth of those with ambition. People just like you that have personal and business growth ambitions. People you can trust and willing to open up their doors to share great ideas and business best practice.

Our current members are all manufacturing sector leaders that share a passion for the industry, love to learn and have embraced the opportunity to share and gain new knowledge with their peers. Members that have gained the most from being part of the groups are the lifelong learners, the ones who are open to new ideas and changing their approach as a result.

Our Chair People are all from the manufacturing industry and are experienced in helping others reach their potential. This is both in a personal and professional context. A lot of our chairs are retired or semi-retired and have joined the Manufacturers Alliance as a way of giving something back. Each of our groups has two Chair People to support the development of the members.

Similar to our chair people, our speakers are chosen based on their alignment with the industry and their ability to engage people in the knowledge they have to share. We do not allow people to come along and pitch. Our speakers will provide you with something tangible to take away and utilise in your business.

To provide a forward-thinking platform that will enable our members to achieve their ambition.

9 NW based groups with a membership of 10+ manufacturing leaders per group by December 2019

  • Connect regional communities of people from the manufacturing sector with shared values that want to make a difference.
  • Develop like-minded peer groups that freely share knowledge and experience, and collaborate to support each other’s personal development.
  • Build the Alliance membership based on people that want to learn and develop their own skills and character along with their fellow members.
  • Promote the growth of member organisations and the development of a continuous improvement culture.
  • Provide our members with all the latest industry knowledge that will enable them to achieve a position of excellence.

Trust – Be a person of your word and someone that can be relied on by your fellow members.

Learner – Keep an open mind and be a lifelong learner with the rest of the group.

Helping Others – Provide peers with honest constructive feedback and offer your support.

Ambition – Be passionate and strive to be the best version of yourself you can be.

Fun – Be positive, wear a smile and don’t take yourself too seriously.