Successful First Meeting for Manufacturing HR Leaders

The Manufacturers Alliance are launching a new peer support group for HR leaders working in the manufacturing sector on 23rd September 2020. The HR Leaders Peer Support Group is a safe and confidential space for HR managers to meet on a regular basis to share HR related issues. All members of the group have HR roles within the manufacturing sector and work for progressive businesses that are constantly seeking to improve.

We had a good attendance to the first taster session on 29th July 2020. A few of the comments we received from the group:

  • Really enjoyed chatting and listening to the other members talking about going through the same issues as me
  • Loved the small group activities and felt the session was facilitated well
  • Really enjoyed talking to others with similar backgrounds and hearing how these uncertain times have had a positive and negative impact similar to each other and the business
  • I will take more time for reflection as a result of this session and acknowledge what we are doing well more as a business. This will give greater motivation and job satisfaction.
  • I’m currently looking at putting a project together and putting this into some structure around it with the suggestions given is really useful right now

It was clear from the openness of HR Leaders in attendance that the recent pandemic has provided a lot of new challenges. Organisations have been forced to transform how they keep employees safe and many have really upped their game to improve their communication. The general feel from the HR Leaders was one of pride. Proud of how responsive and flexible everyone has been to manage the continuously changing situation.

Moving forward the group had a lot of common concerns related to getting and keeping people across the business motivated. This presents itself in different ways. How to keep internal tensions between people to a minimum? Whether to bring people back from home working or not? How to avoid fatigue? How to manage mental health challenges? How to get the business back from firefighting and into bigger picture mode? The group will continue to meet and work together to resolve these challenges moving forward.

Dorothy Wainscott, HR Manager at Packaging Automation attended the taster session and fed back, “I sit on the management team at PA and have a lot of experience in HR. We are a progressive business that is always improving and I feel that I should lead by example. I see this group as a way of gaining new ideas and experiences. And also an opportunity for me to invest in me.”

The Manufacturers Alliance expertise is in running successful peer support groups. As was the original intention with Napoleon Hill’s mastermind groups in the early 1900’s, we maintain the core principles of a mastermind; “bringing together an alliance of minds, that work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective.” And for the HR Leaders group this is to successfully create and manage an excellent people strategy.

We are launching this HR Leaders group to bring ambitious HR people together to tackle the new normal, and help their organisations emerge strong from the crisis. No reinventing the wheel or paying for expensive consultancy. Joining a group of like minded people that share and learn together with no hidden agenda.

For manufacturing businesses with HR leaders that would be interested in joining this new group, we are running our launch meeting on 23rd September, 9:00am - 12:00pm.

This will provide you with the opportunity to see the many benefits of joining the group and to meet the other HR leaders interested in joining.

Please register your interest below and we will share our brochure that outlines our approach with the new group.