How to Drive Growth and Change in Your Manufacturing Business

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." – Charles Darwin

We have seen more change in the last 20 years than the past 200 years. Technology is changing, markets are changing, the global economy is changing, products are changing and customer needs are changing. If we stand still in today’s climate, we go backwards, so we need a constant drive for growth and improvement.

The Manufacturers Alliance has developed a model that educates and informs manufacturing leaders of the types of changes that will affect their businesses, and most importantly, facilitates the sharing of ideas to support your growth.

All Manufacturers Alliance members are open to sharing the parts of their businesses that are working really well (and not so well), to enable others to achieve the successes they have. When groups of people with this mindset come together with an honest an open attitude, great things happen.

Want to learn what other manufacturing leaders are doing to improve their businesses in 2019? 4 of our speakers at the Manufacturers Alliance Annual Conference on 9th May, will be focusing on just that; Neil, Paul, Alex and Paul will be sharing stories and insights on how they have managed growth and improving their businesses, with lots of real life examples of what worked for them, and what you should avoid.

Speaker: Neil Ashton, Managing Director

Company: Packaging Automation

Presentation Title: Terrible to Good

Neil will be sharing his story on how PA has undergone a transformation since 2014, where the goal was set to double turnover in 5 years.  Subsequently the company has had exponential growth in sales and profits which can be attributed to a focus on continuous improvement and culture change based on employee engagement.

Speaker: Paul Bailey, Managing Director

Company: Optimum RX Group

Presentation Title: Growth & Stepping Back

Paul will be sharing his story, where back in 2011 falling turnover together with serious illness of the founding Director resulted in significant losses and Optimum being close to insolvency, in serious threat of closure with the loss of 18 Jobs. Having restructured finances, injected working capital and set about implementing a strategy to arrest the losses and generate new business, Optimum has achieved significant success and growth.

Speaker: Paul Mallinson, Technical and Operations Director

Company: Playdale Playgrounds

Presentation Title: Driving Efficiency & Productivity gains through basic CI & Lean within a SME

Paul will be providing an insight into the way he applied a simple structured approach to engage and drive a small Production team with simple measures, whilst applying basic lean tools and CI principles to achieve numerous marginal gains to make some significant improvements to overall performance within production and distribution.

Speaker: Alex Grace, Managing Director

Company: Banana Moon Clothing

Presentation: Using Your Values to Drive Your Culture

Alex will be sharing how his journey began whilst absolutely fed up of sitting in our board room discussing another instance of poor behaviour by a team member. He knew he needed to get them out of this cycle and define their company values. He will be sharing how they live by them. How slowly but surely, they’ve started to build the team and culture He’d always wished for.