Manufacturers Alliance Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary with Manufacturing Leadership Vlogs

The Manufacturers Alliance is celebrating its fifth year of helping small and medium sized manufacturers across the North West grow. The privately run group for manufacturers only has seen tremendous growth over the past few years and is celebrating by giving something back to the manufacturing community.

Chaired by ten leaders in the manufacturing industry, the Manufacturers Alliance meets monthly to help manufacturing leaders solve problems and achieve their ambitions. With a passion for supporting UK manufacturers, the organisation facilitates learning workshops, problem-solving sessions, private individual meetings with members and provides the opportunity to visit others member’s facilities.

On 11th September 2018, the organisation, which has 5 peer support groups of 6-14 members, will formally celebrate half a decade with a special series of Vlogs to share best practice with the whole manufacturing community. The team at the Manufacturers Alliance and its members will be sharing insights and tips to other manufacturers via a focused set of video blogs, starting in September 2018.

The focus of the video blogs will be on developing knowledge and leadership skills in small and medium sized manufacturing business. The videos will be short and in a How To format. Our first video below, is by one of our Chair People, Peter Hammond, who is also the Managing Director of Auto Marine Cables. Video 1 is, What makes a great leader?

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If you are a manufacturing leader interested in joining one of our peer support groups in the North West, please register for a free taster.