Hosokawa Micron Factory Tour

Hosokawa Micron Group are one of the worlds largest manufacturers of powder processing equipment. To maintain the competitive edge and return value to the shareholders each individual operating unit has had to meet corporate goals by implementing continuous process efficiencies.

On 23rd May, Hosokawa Micron will be opening up their doors to Manufacturers Alliance members to share how they have utilised Industry 4 type technologies to improve these process efficiencies.

Their Managing Director Iain Crosley will be speaking to the North West manufacturers on how they have targeted the goals and the journey that has led to a sales process through to connected machinery in the field digital strategy. To illustrate this Iain will show the overall digital road map, and the detail of the Contract Processing Facility which has been set up as a demonstrator of Digital Technology available through Hosokawa’s own Gen4 technology.

The tour and demonstrations within the business will consist of:

  1. a) Overview of the PLM system implemented within Hosokawa
  2. b) Application of 3-D Design & VR/AR in the business
  3. c) Overview of the Contract Manufacturing Process
  4. d) Digital Twin of a Milling Plant

Visitors will get a view of how their digital systems are integrated, how they use the latest technologies in their design processes (this was referenced in the Made Smarter Report). The Contract Manufacturing shows the first demonstrator of Digital Manufacturing in the Powder Processing Industry in the UK (again the demonstrators are key output from the Made Smarter Review). The Digital Twin is also a first in their industry and combines the 3-D Design with Process Data and Simulation, this enables plant fault finding/troubleshooting, predictions and training without interrupting the “actual” plant operation.

The aim of this factory tour is to show that you can start small and build a strategy that suits each individual business, that can lead to a total digital operation.

The event is being held at Heath Conference Centre in Runcorn, 8am – 5pm. Register to attend via the website.