Manufacturing Team Leader Development Program Success

On 25th April 2017 Team Leaders and Managers from Pneumatrol Ltd, Packaging Automation Ltd & Central Group (members of the Manufacturers Alliance) completed the new Team Leader Development Programme, run by the Manufacturers Alliance.

The program is a pilot program that has been designed and scoped out with SME Manufacturers and Industry Experts in line with the challenges being faced by the businesses and their Team Leaders.

The Team Leaders completed 20 modules over 6 months, which were held at various member sites in the North West. This week they delivered their end of program presentations to their Line Managers to demonstrate the impact the program has had on them and their businesses.

Some of the key learning points for the group over the 6 months have been:

  • More Resilient – learning to take things on the chin, manage own emotions and move on
  • Better Time Management – getting more organised and planning days better, plus not getting dragged into things and delegating more
  • Team Engagement – spending more time actively listening to team members and coaching them to develop the skills needed to do the job
  • More Assertive – setting expectations and standards with team members and agreeing accountability
  • More Organised – using more visual management to forward plan and manage resource requirements
  • Positive Attitude – feeling less pressure from the workload, managing emotions better and being more positive towards team members
  • Dealing with Conflict – see conflict as healthy in a team and now encourage people to be more open and challenge the norms
  • Communication Skills – communicating more often, with clarity and more confidently with the team

All the Team Leaders felt they had been on a personal journey and that the course content had helped them in their role. They also felt it had impacted their behaviour outside of the work environment. 100% of the attendees want the program to continue in some way to help them continue to progress with their own personal development.

Each of the Team Leaders had to demonstrate a tangible difference they had made to the business via a project presentation. Some of the areas of improvement in the business have been:

  • Creation of a new production cell with full set of SOP’s and Visual Management to manage a growing part of the business
  • Development of a structure to manage ‘bigger problems’ (that typically get parked to one side) through to being solved and implemented via A3 Thinking methodology
  • Improvement of relationship between engineering and manufacturing processes, such as, change requests, job packs and standards & norms

Overall the program has been a huge success and the feedback from the Team Leaders is helping to shape a great structure for other businesses in the future.

If you would like to know more about the official launch of our Team Leader Development Program in October 2017, please feel free to call us on 01204 410062 or register your interest via the form opposite.

“The Team Leader Program has been life changing for me, both personally and in my role as a Team Leader. I feel more confident and have a much more in depth understanding of important leadership skills, such as, coaching, listening, communication and employee engagement. I have increased my lean knowledge and have a few new tools like A3 Thinking and Visual Management that will make a big difference in our business. I have enjoyed every one of the modules and would highly recommend this course to any manufacturing supervisors and managers looking for an insightful and fun learning experience with industry experts.”

Mark Duckett, Team Leader – Pneumatrol Ltd